Four of our high schoolers have submitted their art work to ⁠⁠
Imprint 2021, an annual high school printmaking exhibition. It opens March 14th and we need your help! The judges have selected the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners but we need you to vote on your favorite prints for the Viewer’s Choice Award! To vote, simply “like” your favorite prints. The print with the most “likes” will be the Viewer’s Choice winner.⁠⁠
There will be a cash prizes at the museum for the juried winners on March 14th! But the voting is open for THIS WEEK ONLY, so hurry over to Wharton Esherick Museum’s Facebook page now to vote!⁠⁠

TCA Spring DramaGod's Smuggler

The TCA Drama Department is pleased to unveil our Spring Drama, God’s Smuggler. Based upon the true story of Brother Andrew who was called to provide Christians living in post-WW2 eastern Europe with access to Bibles discouraged by their communist regimes. You will be inspired by his electrifying tale of faith as he accepts a mission that takes him into some of the most dangerous places on earth.

Tickets are on sale now, reserve your spot today!