X is for….

by, Michelle Griffith

PK Teacher


We will review our week with a little tour 

Of the things we learned, all the fun and more!

For our alphabet review, x was our letter.

And x is so fun!  There’s not a letter better!


On our playground maps, we wrote an X in red, ,

We followed the trail to see where it led.

At the end of the trail, a box we found,

With six bright gems that were gold and round.


Now xylophone starts with an x, you see,

But when you say the word, it sounds like a z!

The big bars are low while the high are small.  

You could hear our music all through the hall!


For our craft this week, we painted a fox,

And we read Christina Katerina and the Box.


So now you know why we always say

It’s a Great Day in Pre K!