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Without You – Single

Davier Daniels, Class of 2017

Davier Daniels (’17), known professionally by Davier, recently released his first single, “Without You” on May 9th.

“My relationship with music has been complicated. It’s like the girl you’ve always had a crush on but have never had the courage to ask out. She was always the prettiest, most popular and you never thought she would entertain someone like you. I would think this because I don’t consider myself to be the greatest singer, not much of a musician, or an amazing producer/songwriter. But one thing that I know for sure is that I have an amazing heart that loves God and loves people. God reminded me through David that that was all that mattered. David’s brothers all looked like they were fit to be a king on the outside. But God cares about what’s on the inside. At the end of 2020, God gave me the confidence to ask her out. To my surprise, she accepted. Since then I’ve been working on my debut single, “Without You.” It’s been a long journey of being excited, nervous, happy, and anxious. It’s the most vulnerable I’ve ever been. I liken it to one of my favorite shows, “Once Upon a Time.”

In this show the Evil Queen has the power to stick her hand through someone’s chest, pull their heart out, and turn it into dust, thus killing them. I feel like I’ve reached into my chest and pulled my heart out and sat it on a platter for you all to examine. It’s a nerve wrecking experience. But I’m happy to, because I have grown so much and have become comfortable with being uncomfortable. I hope my story and music can help someone in their path to their own destiny. I chronicled this process by starting a YouTube channel. There will be a 4 part docu-series that follows the process of making this song. So please subscribe (link is in the bio) and follow along as I show you my heart. Episode 1 will be released tomorrow, April 16th. Each video will be released on a Friday with the last one being on May 7th. Two days later (May 9th), on Mother’s Day, “Without You” will be released. I can’t wait for you to hear it. Until then, let’s journey together.”

Like and subscribe to his YouTube channel. Take a closer look at the meaning of process in Episode 2 of his 4 part docu-series on the making of “Without You”. 

Without You – Episode 2: The Meaning Behind the Song

“Without You” is available now on all streaming platforms.