Consistency is Key for Elementary Students

How Private Schools are Able to Keep Students In-Person and Engaged

elementary students need consistency

During the formative years (kindergarten through fifth grade) students thrive on consistency. They aren’t meant to be behind a computer screen or glued to a tablet for multiple hours a day. They can be easily confused by hybrid formats, random virtual learning days, and complex schedules (not to mention the major headaches these create for Delaware County area parents!) 

Simply put, kids need to experience community, collaboration, and hands-on learning daily.

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If your family has been struggling with virtual learning, hybrid learning, or a school experience that is much more complicated than it should be, here are some features to look for as you consider a switch. 

Small Class Sizes

Keeping groups small is one of the most important ways to help elementary schoolers thrive. The average public school classroom in Pennsylvania has more than 20 students, which made it difficult to maintain in-person learning during the pandemic. With smaller groups, students enjoy greater consistency and more individualized attention from their teachers.

Invested Teachers

Look for a school where teachers see the value of in-person learning for elementary students (and understand the devastating consequences when that is taken away). Invested teachers will understand that no two students learn in the same way, and be willing to get to know each child in order to meet them where they are, face-to-face.


Christ-Centered Curriculum

Elementary schoolers are rapidly forming their identity and learning about their place in God’s world. They may be hearing about Jesus at home, but having truth reinforced at school helps foster a biblical worldview. 

It can be very difficult for children at any age to reconcile conflicting ideas about key subjects, so be sure the school’s teachings align with your family’s.


Vibrant Campus Life

Going to school shouldn’t just be about hitting academic benchmarks. It should be a joyful experience that helps students develop physically, socially, and emotionally. 

Look for an inviting campus that inspires growth. Outdoor play spaces, learning labs, and classrooms stimulate the senses and foster a love of learning. Elementary age students look forward to field trips, schoolwide traditions, and holiday celebrations each year, so be sure to ask about how these are incorporated into the learning experience.


K-12 Program

Feeling familiar with a campus, known by teachers and staff, and a sense of belonging — these are the things that provide security for students of all ages, and students who feel secure learn best. 

When a child has the opportunity to stay at the same school through graduation, they not only experience greater continuity in the curriculum as they move from grade to grade, they enjoy a sense of community.


Thinking about a school change?

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