Social Emotional Learning

What is it and why is it an important part of my child’s education?

social emotional learning in elementary school

What makes a positive learning environment?  If you’re a parent, you’ve likely considered this question. You want your child to be surrounded by caring teachers and staff. You want them to grow in wisdom through an engaging, Christ-centered curriculum. And without a doubt, you want them in a safe place.

However, there’s one thing that parents feel they have less control over when it comes to choosing a school — social dynamics. You simply cannot control the actions, attitudes, or behavior of other students. And even if you’ve raised your child to model kindness and make good decisions, you realize these lessons will need constant reinforcement over the years.

This is where Social Emotional Learning (SEL) comes into play. In a nutshell, SEL is the process of developing self-awareness, self-control, responsible decision-making, and interpersonal skills that are vital for success in school, work, and everyday life. At The Christian Academy, all of this is done with a biblical perspective. A school that integrates SEL into its curriculum is able to foster a healthy atmosphere for students, increasing student success, parent satisfaction, and learning!

So what does SEL look like in action?

Hands-On Learning 

We utilize Second Step — a program that provides SEL themes for every age and stage. TCA teachers bring these lessons to life. For example, elementary students created a kindness wall, writing positive notes to one another and building relationships. Older students create specific, doable goals and map out how to achieve them, as well as how to adapt when roadblocks occur.


Whether a student needs help managing their emotions, developing the skills to build positive friendships, or simply improving their focus in class, there is always someone to provide mentorship with a Christian perspective. It may be the teacher, a counselor, or an administrator, but the goal is the same — enhancing the child’s potential academically, socially, and emotionally.

Individual Attention

With small class sizes, teachers have the capacity to work with students one-on-one and in small groups. They understand their students’ unique learning styles, strengths, and struggles, which allows for more effective teaching and helps children feel seen and loved.  

Leadership Opportunities 

Empathy for others, sound decision-making, strategic thinking, and effective communication — just a few of the skills any student needs to lead. These are put into practice through organizations such as our Middle School Student Ministries Team and CRU, which plans campus events, everything from Bible study to prom, allowing students to take on leadership roles.

Spiritual Life 

Students need a strong spiritual foundation to navigate today’s world as young Christian leaders. They are equipped through discipleship groups, retreat trips, chapel messages, and a variety of ministry opportunities. All of these emphasize the importance of loving others as Christ loves us.

Mission Work

Whether students are traveling on a mission trip, volunteering with a local organization, or serving their immediate school community, mission work develops tangible skills and teaches students to rally together around a common goal. 

Learn More about the TCA Experience

All of the opportunities above work together to help students reach their full potential in Christ, build healthy relationships, and experience success. To explore all that’s available to your child at TCA, please take the next step and download your Parent Info Packet. When you’re ready, we would love to welcome you to visit our campus in Brookhaven. Please click here to register for an upcoming Open House.