Employment Opportunities

The Christian Academy is a fully accredited K-12 Classical Christian school with an enrollment of 350  students. TCA serves the suburban Philadelphia area and is located in southern Delaware County.  If you are interested in pursuing employment at TCA please contact Kevin Skaer at 610-872-5100 or kskaer@tca-pa.org.

Current Position Openings

  • TCA Cafeteria Employee
    • TCA’s Cafeteria has employment opportunities for 3 days a week (M/W/F) with the possibility for more days on an as-needed basis. Please call Cafeteria Director Nancy Graham at 610-494-4917 to inquire.

If you would be interested in serving as a Substitute Teacher, please click on the link below, and submit that to Jean Ryle at jryle@tca-pa.org.

In addition, there are necessary clearances which you may access through the links found on the “Clearances” page.  Please click on the “Clearances” button to the left.

The application and accompanying documentation will be kept on file for a period of one year from the date it was received unless the applicant becomes employed by the school.

**If you are called for an interview, you must complete the above form for your current employer and any previous employers with which you had contact with children. You must bring the completed forms with you (including all contact information) to your interview in order to be considered for employment as per Act 168.

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The I-9 and W-4 forms below may be filled out prior to the start of employment with The Christian Academy.

Classical Education at The Christian Academy

The Christian Academy’s approach to Classical Christian Education is grounded firmly in the Word of God as the basis for all knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.  As such, a Christian worldview is both assumed and taught as the foundation for everything we do in both curricular and extracurricular realms.  Furthermore, because all truth has its origin in God, all truth is necessarily one, and our approach to education emphasizes the importance of relating different fields of knowledge explicitly in our instructional content and methodology through interdisciplinary connections.  We also are committed to bearing witness to the unity of the Body of Christ, and therefore cherish the diversity of our school community, both ethnically and denominationally, within a broadly evangelical framework, and acknowledging the interdependence of the family, church, and school.  The typical components of a classical education simply serve as a means to support these foundational values, so that the emphasis on the acquisition and application of facts in the Grammar Stage (Elementary Division), on relating those facts through logical argumentation in the Logic Stage (Middle School), and through the development of effective communication in the Rhetoric Stage (High School)are smoothly incorporated into all aspects of the curriculum rather than being emphasized as explicit distinctives.  Though this might not correspond to what some understand as Classical Christian Education, we believe that this is the ministry to which God has called us in the environment where we seek to serve the Christian families of southern Delaware County.