Elementary School

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Welcome to the Elementary Division of the christian academy Family!

Debbie Dutton | Elementary School PrincipalWelcome to the TCA elementary school! What a privilege it is to serve alongside a dedicated, professional staff where creating a Christ-centered community is integral in all facets of the educational process.  It is our goal to provide the highest quality education that challenges and supports students with a focus on academic, spiritual, emotional and social growth. We create a safe environment for the students where we strive to reflect Christ’s love in our relationships through respect, compassion, and integrity which is taught and modeled.

We will love your children and desire to develop their gifts and talents that God has given them.

We look forward to partnering with your family.

Debbie Dutton
K-5 Principal

Elementary Division Introduction

This outline may help answer some questions you have regarding our classical elementary school program. There are two main differences between a “traditional” program and what we offer at TCA, addressing the how and what of education. To understand how lessons are taught one needs to look at how the Lord made each and every one of us. We believe that young children were created to naturally absorb information. Memorization and the dissection of words and their sounds are enjoyable and come easily to this age group. TCA’s elementary curriculum continues to instruct in the basics of math, spelling, and grammar, but the real difference lies in the execution of the content. Chanting and fun memorization drills are used constantly to take advantage of the student’s innate ability to take in a multitude of facts, figures, and sounds.

Latin is a singular field of study that addresses what is unique to our elementary curriculum. Instruction begins in the third grade and continues through fifth grade. By introducing children to the language at an early age, we take advantage of their vast capacity for learning vocabulary and their love for rhythmic chanting. Latin is taught for its development of analytical skills, for ease in learning foreign languages and as an aid for understanding English grammar and vocabulary.

Extra Curricular Activities

Chapel         Intramural Sports
Operation Christmas Child               Play Day
Christmas Program
President’s Fitness Test
Grandparent’s Day (alternate years) Rollerskating Nights
Reach for the Stars Reading Program Movie Night
Six Flags 6 Hour Reading Club   Service Projects
Scholastic Book Club   Spirit Week
Classrooms Care Storybook Day
Math Week (alternate years) 100th Day of School Celebration
Reading Week (alternate years) Field Trips
Individual Class Dramas      Kids Under Construction (character qualities)

Applications are being accepted for the Elementary school classes.  Please visit the admissions page or contact our admissions office.


I love the sense of community and family that being apart of TCA brings.

Lori Miller