Elementary School

Elementary school at The Christian Academy

The early years of your child’s education will build his or her foundation for lifelong learning. As a parent, you want them to be successful in school, discover their place in God’s world, and develop strong character. At the same time, you want to preserve their childhood and make sure they have time to enjoy simply being a kid. Everything we do in grades 1-5 at The Christian Academy is designed to support these goals. 

At TCA, students are immersed in a nurturing environment where they learn through exciting hands-on activities. On our campus, your child will be known by name and cared for by teachers who view their work as more than a job — they view it as a calling. Every subject is taught from a Christian perspective, which fosters the development of a biblical worldview.

We see each student’s education as a partnership between the family and the school. Our parent organization keeps families in the loop and allows them to contribute to our community in meaningful ways. Because class sizes are small, teachers get to know their students’ unique learning styles and have the capacity to communicate with parents regularly. 

When you drop your child off for school at TCA, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that he or she is in a safe, secure environment, being mentored by Bible-believing teachers, and growing socially and emotionally. This positive culture maximizes every child’s ability to learn.

Why Do Parents Love TCA?

My daughter loved The Christian Academy from the very start of first grade. She genuinely looked forward to getting up each day and attending school, and we couldn’t be happier with TCA. Her teachers have been loving and supportive and we know we made the right choice.”




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Why Choose TCA for elementary school?


We use a research-based approach to teaching and learning, which allows elementary schoolers to engage in hands-on projects across core subject areas. Science classes are STEM-based, and students love that living materials (butterflies, chicks, terrariums, etc.) are incorporated into the classroom. Our experienced educators understand that no two children learn at the same pace and take the time to meet students where they are. Small class sizes allow for a great deal of individualized attention, ensuring a deeper understanding of the curriculum.

At the elementary level, core skills are developed in: 


In addition to the core curriculum, students enjoy a variety of enrichment classes weekly. These include music, art, library, gym, and Spanish for grades 3-5. 

During these periods, students discover their unique gifts and talents. Elementary schoolers can also participate in our run club, and intramural sports are offered starting in fourth grade.


During these formative years, we emphasize social-emotional learning and favor human interaction over screen time. While students do use Chromebooks occasionally, it is not a primary source of learning.

Students learn best working collaboratively with their peers, being mentored by their teachers, and having the opportunity to learn alongside positive role models. Elementary students especially enjoy being tutored and coached by TCA high schoolers.

With students in pre-K through 12th grade all on one campus, there are numerous opportunities for meaningful connections.

Meet a Teacher


Grade Taught: Third
Degrees: Bachelors in Bible, Cairn University; Bachelors in Elementary Education, Cairn University; Masters in Educational Leadership, Neuman University
Teaching Experience: 14 years
Favorite Children’s Book: Mr. Popper’s Penguins, by Richard and Florence Atwater

Teaching has given me a perspective on how uniquely God has created us. We do not all learn the same and thus I have to take my student’s backgrounds, abilities, and interactions in consideration to create an environment where each student will have the best opportunity.

Teaching has also taught me a lot about flexibility. There are times when students do not seem to be understanding a concept and I have to quickly change how I am presenting the material in order for it to click. What I enjoy most is watching my students have that “ah-ha” moment. This is the moment when they first understand a new concept or see how an idea applies to them. This looks different for every child. For some, this may be finding a love of reading. For others, it may be mastering multiplication or division. Or, it may be discovering that learning is a lot of fun! All of those little ah-ha moments are special and motivate me to continue doing what I love — teaching!”


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I love the sense of community and family that being apart of TCA brings.

Lori Miller