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The Christian Academy

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High School

High school students at the Christian Academy

We provide a challenging curriculum in a caring environment where 9th-12th grade students grow spiritually while excelling academically, athletically, and artistically. TCA is blessed with experienced and dedicated faculty, committed to academic excellence, while working to nurture a Christ-like character in all of our students.


TCA has developed and maintains its own curriculum based on our Beliefs and Commitments Statement that is grounded in Scripture. We strive to create an environment of comprehensive discipleship through the Gospel-bearing work of Christian teachers, the modeling of genuine faith, and the integration of biblically saturated programs in academics, the arts, athletics, community service, and Christian fellowship.  All TCA teachers are required and held accountable for implementing the TCA developed and approved curriculum and teaching from the perspective of the Beliefs and Commitments Statement.


Graduation Requirements

High school students are required to take four credits in English, History, and Bible, three credits in Mathematics and Science, two credits of a Foreign Language, 1.5 credits of Physical Education/Health, and two additional credits of general electives. 

All of our classes are at least at the college prep level, but some students have the opportunity to challenge themselves even more by taking honors, AP, and Dual Credit courses. Through these advanced courses, our graduates can start their college career already having earned over 30 credits!


Extra Curriculars

We offer a wide array of extra-curricular activities for our high school students, particularly in athletics and fine arts.  We offer girls and boys soccer and a girls club volleyball team in the fall, girls and boys basketball in the winter, and girls softball and boys baseball in the spring.  Our Drama Department's annual spring musical is always a highlight of the school year and involves a large number of our students in the cast and crew.  We have other activities for students to get involved in and use the talents that God has blessed them with

College Placement 

Our students are well-prepared for life beyond high school. Whether attending a traditional four-year college or following God's guidance in another direction, our graduates have a firm biblical foundation and strong academic knowledge, equipping them to succeed and thrive in whatever good works God has laid out for them.
Our Student Services Department supports upperclassmen with seminars, one-on-one advising, college fairs, overnight college visits, SAT prep, and various other resources to help them plan their futures.
Principal of the Christian Academy

Mrs. Deb Dutton


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