Middle School

The middle school years are an important time in a young person’s life as we try to bridge the gap between elementary school and the high school. The growth that students experience from when they come in as wide-eyed sixth graders to when they leave at the end of 8th grade prepared to face the rigors of high school is remarkable.

While for some these can be turbulent years, this transition at TCA is made all the easier by our tremendous faculty and staff who care deeply for every student and do their best to make sure all students achieve their maximum potential. In addition, each person on our faculty is passionate about seeing these children grow up to be godly young men and young women, and we all consider it a blessing to be able to minister to them both in and out of the classroom.  It is truly a privilege to work with each of our students and their families.  I know that you will find our administration and faculty modeling and teaching God’s word to every student.  Thank you for allowing us to partner with you!

Kevin Skaer
6-12th Grade Principal

Middle School Introduction

The dialectic program for middle school students uses age-appropriate curriculum created to meet the needs of young men and women – a true middle school experience.  In this second stage of the Trivium, students try to understand the facts they have learned and begin to relate those facts to one another in a significant and meaningful way.  God created middle school students to question and debate. Their cognitive skills shift from the concrete to the analytical, where students question whether what they learned in grammar school is indeed true.  The truth holds up well under close examination, and only proves its nature by this process. Teaching Logic is thus critical at this stage of a student’s natural development. It gives them the right tools they need to question with precision and arrive at valid conclusions.

TCA’s middle school division is also quite unique in yet another way.  Our Homebase program, designed by our own faculty, complements the very nature of the dialectic stage. In this program, we continue to reinforce math facts, geography, spelling, and vocabulary through drills. Students are assigned to respective teams to compete against each other academically. Steady homework completes the Homebase program to equip our students better for the passage into their high school years.

6th Grade Curriculum Overview

7th Grade Curriculum Overview

8th Grade Curriculum Overview

Books TCA Middle School Students Read

Art Chapel Geography Baseball
Bible Class Trips Homework Basketball
Computers Winter Retreat Math Drills Soccer
Language Arts Mock Trial Spelling Softball
Logic Praise Dancing Vocabulary
Mathematics Praise Team
Physical Education
Social Studies

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