Navigator Program

What is the Navigator Program?

The Navigator Program is designed to assist students with demonstrated gaps in their learning, as well as those students having learning differences requiring some modification or accommodation to their regular academic program.  The Program is intended to assist those students in grades 3rd through 9th.  The school’s administration determines which students qualify for the program.  With regard to incoming students, the Navigator Program may be used as a required condition for acceptance to the school.  It is our objective to have these student’s needs identified and strengthened so that they are well on track to have academic success for years to come at The Christian Academy.

When do the students meet?

Each student will have a customized schedule in which to meet with the instructor.  The sessions may consist of one-on-one or small group lessons.  The sessions may occur during regular classroom instruction or other times throughout the school day.  It is the desire of TCA to have as little disruption of a student’s regular schedule as possible.

What is the financial obligation of the Navigator Program?

The cost of the program is determined annually by the school as highlighted by the school’s stated Tuition and Fees.  Payment for the program will be included with the family’s tuition and handled as the stated tuition options allow.