Online Learning

The Christian Academy has partnered with Sevenstar Academy to offer an array of online courses for high school students to expand and enhance their academic experience while at TCA.

Sevenstar’s mission is to provide families with a scripturally based curriculum which encourages thought and understanding through a biblical worldview.  Their core values are as follows: Christ-centered, Christ-likeness, Excellence, Student-centricity, Cooperation, Service, and Sensitivity.  Go to their website www.sevenstaracademy.org to find out more.

Online coursework may be taken in a part-time capacity to include:

  • Supplemental Needs – in addition to TCA offerings or in lieu of TCA courses that can’t be scheduled
  • Remedial Needs – students who need to repeat a course
  • Enrichment Interests – elective courses to enhance learning in addition to on-campus courses
  • Exceptional Needs – health, disciplinary or other issues

The following links will help you with understanding TCA’s online program and start your way to enrolling in online courses.

Students seeking to enroll in online courses must be enrolled at TCA.  Enrollment in the online program requires administrative approval.