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Debbie Dutton | Elementary School Principal

Let our program help begin your child’s journey in growing their relationship with God. Not only do we provide engaging lessons and stimulating activities.
We help your child grow in all areas of development. They will have opportunities to develop language, socially, emotionally, physically, cognitively, and most important spiritually. Your child will learn through play all while strengthening their fine and gross motor skills.
With the guidance of their teachers, your child will learn about God’s love. We believe that if we can teach the students to have a heart for the Lord, we can help produce students that the Lord would be pleased with. Here at The Christian Academy, we have loving, nurturing teachers who understand that every child’s learning style is unique and they strive to model a servant’s heart. We have been blessed with the opportunity to love, educate, and take care of children. Our goal is to create a fun, loving, safe environment where your child will feel excited to come to school. We would love for you to come and visit our preschool. Please consider joining our family!

Deb Dutton
Elementary Principal 

PK Blogs & Posts

X is for….

by, Michelle Griffith PK Teacher   We will review our week with a little tour  Of the things we learned, all the fun and more! For our alphabet review, x was our letter. And x is so fun!  There’s not a letter better!   On our playground maps, we wrote an X in red, ,…

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Play-Based Learning in PK

Play-based learning in PK By, Michelle Griffith; PK 3 Teacher Preschoolers love to play, explore and create.  It is with these things in mind that we have cultivated an environment in Pre-K that begins to teach the fundamentals:  learning to enjoy one another in a safe space, learning to love the God who created us,…

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Preschool Program

What ages will the preschool class be for?

In 2020, our preschool program will be for 3 and 4-year olds! We will have both a Pre-K 3 and a Pre-K 4 class!

What day options are you offering?

Currently, families are able to choose either 5 full-day or 5 half-day options for their children, with aftercare being offered as well.

Do you have a preschool philosophy?

At TCA, we believe children learn to express themselves creatively through play activities and interaction with others! Creating those spaces in a caring, Christian environment helps our preschoolers become ready for their next steps!

Through Free Play our students learn to share, cooperate, wait for a turn, listen, and follow directions.

Through Group Learning language development and creativity are stimulated and patience is learned.

Indoor and Outdoor Play help large muscle development and coordination.

We believe the above principles combined with our integrated Bible curriculum and commitment to offering specials like music, art, gym, and library will engage and prepare preschoolers for their next steps into Elementary school and beyond.

What is the tuition?

Pre-K 3  

  • Full Day: $6,500
  • Half-Day: $3,900

See our full 2020-2021 tuition schedule here

Pre-K 4

Is this a play-based program?

Yes, this is a play-based program.  This means that the students are learning by doing to best meet them at their age – hence age, appropriate.  A typical school day will have some direct instruction, but the students are learning by doing through activities.

What curriculum do you offer?

We utilize the Memoria Press Classical Curriculum. The goals of this curriculum are to introduce the student to the joy of learning while focusing on:

  • age-appropriate, quality content
  • real books — classics that are beautiful and rich
  • well prioritized objectives
  • recitation
  • repetition

We want our youngest students prepared for a rigorous phonics-based Kindergarten by being “reading ready” and academically mature.

What makes you different from other programs?

We assess children on individual basis while providing fun and engaging activities through a play-based program to prepare students for kindergarten.

Enrollment Policies

While all normal application procedures are required of families who want to attend TCA, please be aware of the following procedures we have put in place:

  • Students entering PK 3 must be age 3 by September 1 of that school year.
  • All students must be potty trained.
  • While there is no official entrance exam, a “play date” may be requested by the principal to see how the child interacts with others in the PK program.

Church Based Preschool in Brookhaven

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"The hearts of the people who fill the school are what sets it apart.

Becca Pritchard

NEW Pre-K ClassStarting January 3rd, 2022

TCA Family! We are excited to be opening a new full day Pre-K class, starting January 3rd, open to 3 & 4 year olds.
Enrollment is now open! Apply today at If you would like to sign up or have questions, please contact Becca Pritchard at