Why TCA?

At the center of all of our teaching and learning is the Word of God.

We unapologetically and unashamedly stand firm on God’s revelation of Himself and His world through the Bible, which is the basis of every subject. TCA does not attempt to teach history, science and math and try to tie God’s Word into it, but rather teach God’s Word and formulate subjects such as history, science and math from it.

After all, how can you have true learning without truth at the base?

Learning that takes place without a biblical worldview builds a hollow structure, weak at its very foundations and destined to collapse, as we have seen across the educational system today.  But because God created the heavens and the earth, its orders and rules, it is impossible to teach any truth or any knowledge without Him. Therefore, we seek to teach all subjects as parts of an integrated whole with the Scriptures at the center.