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TCA’s Sideline Store FAQ

What is the Sideline Store?

TCA has partnered with BSN Sports to build an online storefront to support our school community. TCA’s Sideline Store is the exclusive outlet to find brands you know and unique designs that fit your style and personality. You can customize gear with names, numbers, or relationships like Mom and Dad. There’s no minimum order, quick shipping, and best of all, the proceeds from Sideline Store help us support essential programs and initiatives at TCA.

Who is the Sideline Store for?

The Sideline Store is built for everyone! This is not a store exclusive to athletics or any other specific group or club. TCA’s Sideline Store is created with hundreds of customizable designs that allow for you to make your TCA spirit wear your own. Students, parents, alumni, alumni parents, grandparents, teachers, staff, or friends of TCA all have access to this awesome store.

Are Sideline Store items considered Uniform-Appropriate for TCA students?

The table below explains what Sideline Store items, if any, are uniform-appropriate for TCA students. However, there are going to be multiple K-12 Spirit Days that are going to be implemented and announced throughout the school year (in addition to already-existing Spirit Week(s)/Blue and White days) where students will be able to wear any and all TCA Spiritwear (whether from our Sideline Store or otherwise).

Elementary School Middle School High School
No Sideline Store items are able to be worn as uniform No Sideline Store items are able to be worn as uniform **Select Sideline Store items are uniform-appropriate


**The following categories contain uniform-appropriate items for High School students only:

Boys Polos Boys Pullovers Girls Polos Girls Pullovers

Please note: 1) While these items can be purchased by anyone, student or non-student, the above still applies when it comes specifically to TCA’s dress code. 2) Any custom names placed on polos or pullovers by HS students will need administrative approval before being deemed uniform-appropriate.

Does the Sideline Store replace our current school uniforms?

  • The Sideline Store exists in addition to, not in replacement of, our current uniform store.
  • All uniforms sold from the uniform sale/school store are all still uniform-appropriate and available for purchase online and at TCA.  These items will continue to be offered and sold in the same ways that they have in the past at TCA.

Will the Sideline Store inventory ever change?

Yes, TCA, in conjunction with BSN Sports, will work to continue to offer our school community the highest-quality and best choices and values when it comes to what is offered on the Sideline Store from season to season as well as from year to year.  If you have an idea for a design or a new product you would like to see on the store, or any other comment or question about the TCA Sideline Store, you can submit those inquiries to TCA’s Sideline Store contact, Andrew Gordon at agordon@tca-pa.org.