Student Ministries

In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” Acts 20:35

TCA partners with various outside ministries to help provide opportunities for our students. These ministries come in many forms and sizes. They may include being a pen pal, packaging toy items, leading in worship to even going and serving on a missions trip around the country. Ministries exist to give out students’ opportunities to live their faith and practice what they are learning in the classroom. We seek to naturally integrate ministries with our faith as we build relationships with various local ministry partners.

 Our Ministry Partners

City Team

City Team is an international mission aimed to help those who are in severe need both physically and financially. They provide relief and recovery for men who are caught deep with struggles of alcohol and drugs. They provide items such as diapers, formula, blankets, and other baby items for children who are at risk. City Team also helps to provide food for those who are less fortunate financially. With one of City Team’s headquarters in the heart of Chester, TCA students have the opportunity to help provide time, food, toys, and other essential items which will be dispersed in many ways to help reach those right in our own backyard.

City Team Website

Students serve in ways such as:

  • Conducting a Christmas Toy Drive
  • Sorting Christmas toys for those in the area
  • Conducting various food drives
  • Helping to sort and package food items
  • Helping to clean the facilities
  • Preparing food
  • Providing free photo sessions during the holidays

As a branch of Young Life, YoungLives aims to help teen moms and their children. The ministry desires to help these young moms grow in their knowledge of Christ through a deep mentoring program. Girls in this program are not only provided with the physical things that they need help with in the raising of their child, but YoungLives also seeks to provide spiritual growth opportunities for the girls who attend. Once a year the ministry sponsors a summer camp for the moms and their children. Throughout the year, the ministry provides Bible studies and various outings for the moms to have a night of fun and relaxation. The ministry provides food, fellowship, music, and childcare at each event. With one YoungLives club meeting in Chester, TCA students have the opportunity to help run and support a club night by providing babysitting, crafts, and general fellowship for the girls in attendance.

YoungLives Website

Ways which TCA students have served:

  • Donating baby items
  • Sorting baby clothes
  • Facilitating a club night
  • Fellowship for the girls during club night
  • Crafts for the moms and children
  • Babysitting during a club night/event
  • Providing free photo sessions during the holidays and Mother’s Day
Riddle Village

Riddle Village is a facility located in Media Pa, that assists rehabilitation as well as meeting the retirement and health care needs to active adults age 62 and older.  One of the main focuses of this facility is to care for the residents.  At TCA, students participate in providing gifts for the residents as well as staff, spending time interacting with the residents, providing entertainment and games and many other activities.


Not a personal face-to-face ministry, but rather a partnership with the local community. TCA has “adopted” Brookhaven Road between Routes 352 and 452 and helps maintain the appeal of these roads to the local community. Three times a year students and faculty are able to take a few hours out of their busy schedule to help clean up these areas.


Missions Ministry Partner – Center for Student Missions (CSM):

A new partner to TCA, the Center for Student Missions exists to partner with groups of any type who have the desire to serve in urban areas. CSM serves in eleven major urban towns where they establish partnerships to help support people and organizations that are already effectively working for the good of that particular city. Groups who then serve with CSM are connected with these established ministry sites in order to help them out directly. CSM not only desires to provide life changing trips for groups around the continent but also to help meet the needs of various ministry partners in the urban towns. During the summer of 2015, twenty-one individuals from TCA served for a week long mission’s trip in Chicago where they were able prepare and package food for homeless men, women and children while also helping to serve in the local Boys and Girls Clubs. Short term missions trips are great experiences for teenagers and provides them with life changing, eye opening experiences that they do not normally experience during a normal school year.

CSM Website