Admissions Process

All of these steps are required and required in the order stated below to ensure a completed matriculation to The Christian Academy for any and all students.


Prospective parents are required to attend a personal campus visit with the admissions director.

(There are two additional options after attending an open house or campus visit that a family may consider)

A. Parents may visit any grade or specific class (Math, Logic, Biology, etc.) and arrange a date and time with the Admissions Director for the visit.

B. Students entering grades 6 through 12 may schedule shadow days with the Admissions Director and spend an entire day with a personal student-guide at TCA. Lunch will be provided as well for the visiting student.

 Apply  (Enrollment & Financial Assistance)
  • Enrollment:  The second step toward enrollment is for the parents to complete the school application found on the TCA website ( The home page has an application feature at the bottom of the page – Inquire/Apply. A $75 fee must be paid in order to complete the application. The Pastor’s Reference requires an email address for the family’s pastor to receive this recommendation.
  • Financial Assistance:  To make application for financial assistance, you may also find this on our homepage listed as Financial Assistance where the FACTS icon is located.

You may apply for enrollment to TCA first or you may apply for Financial Assistance first, whichever you prefer.


The prospective family will be contacted shortly after the application has been processed to confirm its completion and then to schedule an entrance exam for all prospective students. Exams for prospective students will not be offered until early February continuing until the beginning of the new school year.

A. K and 1st-grade students: Will receive a 30-minute readiness assessment to ascertain if they are indeed developmentally equipped to enter their respective grade.

B. 2nd – 12th-grade students: Will receive a 45 minute-long reading assessment that determines a student’s grade level in such areas as: spelling, oral vocabulary and comprehension. In grades 2nd – 9th, students will also be given between 25 and 30 math questions and also a  number of grammar questions. For those entering grades 10th – 12th, students are not required to perform math equations but must write a few short paragraphs to exhibit their writing skills. This test may take anywhere from approximately an hour-and-a-half to two hours to complete – depending on grade level.


The final step in the admissions process is to have an interview with the principal to include parents and students entering grades 6th – 12th. Younger students may attend but are not required. We ask the parents to: 1.Share their personal testimony, 2.Family history and 3.Why they are seeking enrollment to TCA. Please bring any questions you may have to the interview. The interview is intended to ascertain if TCA is a good fit academically, spiritually, physically and emotionally with each individual prospective family. (length: 1 hour)

Headmaster’s Letter

Shortly following the interview the headmaster will inform each family by letter if they are accepted or denied enrollment to TCA.

Jonathan K. Ekeland
Director of Admissions

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