How to Enroll


Please Submit Your child’s:
• Immunizations
• Most Recent Report Card
• Birth Certificate

These documents must be supplied in order to proceed to step two.

2 | TAKE ENTRANCE EXAM and new family interview
no entrance exam for preschool
Once documents and forms are received, TCA will contact you for a Parent Meet & Greet. If requirements are satisfied, the parent will be notified of the student’s acceptance.

The Entrance Test is to make sure the student is academically ready for the grade they are applying for.  Kindergarten and First-grade applicants will take an age developmental assessment with one of our teachers while 2-12 applicants will take a computer-based test to assess math & reading ability.   

The Family Meet & Greet is an informal interview with the appropriate division level principal.  

after acceptance and to complete enrollment, please submit:
• Tuition Set-Up Form
• Financial Aid Application
• Parent Contract
• Registration Fee

Tuition related questions can be directed to our business office.  Only completed Financial Aid Applications will be considered for financial aid.  The Parent Contract and Registration Fee must be completed in order to be enrolled into TCA.  

Admissions Questions

If I schedule a Campus Visit, is my child allow to attend?

We strongly encourage the student to attend the Campus Visit as they are the ones who will be attending TCA in the fall.  It is a great time for them to experience TCA and what we have to offer. Immediate family is also invited to attend.

Is financial assistance available through TCA?

TCA has variable tuition which allows us to offer a custom fit tuition to help families who may need additional assistance.  These funds are available through TCA but families must apply using our FACTS program.  Once an application is received, the financial assistance committee will meet to discuss what can be offered to the family.  Aid is limited based upon financial need and availability.

What does the $75 application fee cover?

The application fee covers administrative fees associated with enrollment.

What is the purpose of the entrance exam?

To make sure all students are academically prepared for TCA, students entering grades K-12 take a placement test to measure their readiness for the grade they are applying for.  For students entering Kindergarten or First grade, this is an age-appropriate test administered by one of our teachers.  For students entering grades 2-12, it is a computer-based test to measure reading and math abilities.  Students cannot study or prepare for this.

What admissions procedures do you have in place for Pre-K or Kindergarten students?

PK student requirements:

  • Must be age 3 by September 1 of that school year to be considered for admission
  • Must be potty trained
  • Though an entrance test is not required, a “play date” may be requested by the division level principal to gauge how the student interacts with others.

Kindergarten student requirements:

  • Must be age 5 by October 1 of that school year to be considered for admission
  • Must take the entrance exam administered by our teacher to make sure they are developmentally ready for Kindergarten.


Are there other fees that we will be expected to pay?

We strive to make the application and enrollment process as simple as possible; however, at times the external programs we use require fees to make new profiles.

Typical fees include:

  • Application Fee – $75
  • Financial Aid Fee – $35 (Paid directly to FACTS)
  • Tuition Set Up Fee – Varies depending on how the family pays (Paid directly to FACTS)
  • Enrollment Fee – $250/K-12 Family; $125/PK family (Yearly Fee: non-refundable)

How long does the application process typically take?

The enrollment process can take upwards of two weeks or more.  The reason for the time is to make sure the family is a good fit for TCA and that the provided pieces of paperwork are provided.  It takes time to schedule the new family meet and greet and the financial aid application can take time to complete.

What paperwork is needed for families to enroll?

Besides filling out the application, in order to be considered for enrollment, all families must supply:

  • Any recent student report cards and/or transcripts
  • Updated immunizations (required by PA State)
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • IEP/504 if applicable

After admittance, families must pay the Enrollment Fee and sign the new family contract before being enrolled.

How do we go about setting up bussing, cafeteria, etc. with TCA?

After a family is officially enrolled (meaning they have gone through the admissions steps, been accepted, signed the new family contract, and paid the enrollment fee), THEN the student will be officially enrolled at TCA.

Once enrolled:

  • TCA will enroll the student into our programs to generate a class list.
  • TCA will contact the local school district to place on the bus list
  • The family will have access to their family profile and can set up cafeteria payments for lunch, see their schedule, and access their classroom pages.

When and how do I purchase school uniforms?

TCA is blessed to offer an in-person school store and a school store website.  The school store website is available on the TCA main page.  Families are also invited to TCA to pay for their uniforms in person:

  • Back to School night in the fall
  • School Store open on Monday, Wednesday Friday at 8 AM at the start of the day
  • You can also contact the admissions office to set up a time for a new family to come to TCA to purchase their uniforms.

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