Individual Tax Credit Programs

Did you know that you can redirect the income taxes you already have to pay to the State of Pennsylvania to go instead to TCA to be used for student scholarships?

How awesome is that?  You can tell your government how you want your tax dollars spent, and Christian Education benefits!!

Check out how you can get involved below:

Tax Credit FAQ

What PA State program allows this opportunity for both businesses and individuals?

These programs are called EITC (Educational Improvement Tax Credit) and OSTC (Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit).   Both programs are designed to encourage donation of scholarship funds for low income families that desire a private school education.  The only difference between the two programs is that students who receive OSTC scholarships must come from “failing school districts”.

Why would the state promote these programs?

Put simply, it benefits public school districts to have fewer students to support. The average EITC/OSTC scholarship per student is about $4,000, and if that scholarship allows a student to attend a private school, the public school districts avoid the $10,000 – $15,000 cost to educate that child while still receiving the same level of income from school taxes.

Who is eligible to participate?

Both businesses and individuals who pay taxes to the State of Pennsylvania of at least $1,000.

Is there any reason to not participate?

Not any valid reasons that can’t be addressed.  This is practically free money that is available to promote the Lord’s work in Christian Education.  How can we not help?

How do I get involved?

Please schedule a telephone or in person meeting with our Director of Development, Jon Thompson, at 610-872-5100 or email  Jon will walk you through the steps for participation, answer all of your questions and also coordinate with your tax preparer if necessary.