Preschool Program launching august 2020 (3+4 year-old classrooms)

Private Preschool

Preschool Program

What ages will the preschool class be for?

In 2020, our preschool program will be for 3 and 4-year olds! We will have both a Pre-K 3 and a Pre-K 4 class!

Do you have half-day and full-day options?

Families will be able to choose either half-day or full-day for their children, with aftercare being offered as well.

Do you have a preschool philosophy?

At TCA, we believe children learn to express themselves creatively through play activities and interaction with others! Creating those spaces in a caring, Christian environment helps our preschoolers become ready for their next steps!

Through Free Play our students learn to share, cooperate, wait for a turn, listen, and follow directions.

Through Group Learning language development and creativity are stimulated and patience is learned.

Indoor and Outdoor Play help large muscle development and coordination.

We believe the above principles combined with our integrated Bible curriculum and commitment to offering specials like music, art, gym, and library will engage and prepare preschoolers for their next steps into Elementary school and beyond.

What is the tuition?

Pre-K 3  

  • Full Day: $6,500
  • Half-Day: $3,900

See our full 2020-2021 tuition schedule here

Pre-K 4

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