Re-Entry Policies

All wellness and safety practices will be shared and taught in our classrooms and through signage around our building.  We will continue to monitor and adapt to changing conditions as necessary. To ensure the health and safety of our learning community, we have upgraded our cleaning procedures.

Re-Entry Policies

Wellness and Safety Policies


All employees and students will conduct a self-screening at home that will consist of the following:  

  • Check your child temperature every day before school.  If your child has a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher, do not send to school.
  • Make sure that your child does not have a sore throat or other signs of illness, like a cough, diarrhea, severe headache, vomiting, or body aches.
  • If your child has had close contact to a COVID 19 case do not send to school.

Once on campus all employees and students will periodically have screening and temperature checks.


Employees will be required to wear a face-shield or a face mask when on campus and unable to social distance.  Students will be required to wear face masks (or face shields) unless given permission to remove his or her mask because they are in a controlled environment and able to social distance.  Masks and/or face coverings worn by adults and students on campus must cover the nose and the mouth.  All student will be required to supply their own cloth mask to wear at school.  Masks/face coverings cannot have any advertising, political messaging or symbols, or writing on them of any kind
(masks/face coverings with students’ name/initials are permitted). All preschool-elementary students will be provided with a quick release lanyard that will hook to their mask to minimum loss and to keep the mask off the floor/ground.  We encourage 6-12 grade students to use a lanyard as well. Disposable masks will be available for $1.00 in the school office for any student who forgets a mask.


Visitors on campus will be limited.  All visitors will be checked in at our security desk and will complete a health screening and have a temperature check.  Visitors must wear a mask when on campus.


Students may arrive to campus no earlier than 7:45 a.m. and will report directly to his or her homeroom.  Elementary students will enter the building from the lower level playground.  Middle and High School students will enter the building from the main entrance or side entrance. 


Hand sanitizer stations will be available at all building entry points and will be required to use upon entry to the building.  Everyone will be required to use hand sanitizer when entering and exiting the classroom.  Each classroom and bathroom are equipped with a wall dispenser for hand sanitizer.  There are hand sanitizing stations throughout the school building including the security desk, offices, gym, and auditorium. There will be time allotted for frequent hand washing throughout the day.


Social distancing guidelines will be enforced in offices, classrooms, hallways, gym, and auditorium whenever it is possible to do so.  Classroom set-ups will have all desks and chairs facing the same direction with social distancing parameters in place.  Students that must sit at tables will be socially distanced or will be required to wear a mask.


One-way pedestrian traffic patterns will exist in the hallways.  Access to lockers will be limited during the school day and students will be asked to keep needed items for class on their person. Students must wear face masks when in the hallways, common areas, restrooms, and offices.


Food safety practices and policies will be in place for our cafeteria.  Food will only be served in pre-packaged containers or served by our cafeteria staff and placed in covered containers.  Food will be delivered to classrooms by cafeteria or school staff.  Students in PK-8 grades will eat lunch in their classrooms.  Freshmen and Sophomore students will eat in the auditorium with social distancing in place.  Juniors and Seniors will eat in the cafeteria with social distancing in place.  Students may bring their lunch from home or order from the cafeteria.


Activities will look different for this school year to meet the needs of social distancing.  Field trips will be limited, especially during the fall semester, and will be conducted only if safety and social distancing protocols can be met.  The high school overnight retreat will be rescheduled for the Spring; however, we will have an in house fall retreat.  We will follow all PIAA requirements detailed in the Return to Competition:  Individual Sport Considerations.  Students on TCA busses will sit 6 feet apart or will wear a face mask if social distancing is not possible.  If transportation is provided by a local school district, students will follow the guidelines that that school district has in place.




Our HVAC units have been upgraded with quality grade filters and we have added germicidal UV lights to the ventilation units in all classrooms.  Classroom fans will remain on, doors will remain open, and windows will remain open (when appropriate) to increase ventilation and circulation of fresh air throughout the building.


An increased cleaning staff has been secured to disinfect and clean our building and classrooms.  The campus will be cleaned each evening using high-grade disinfectant supplies which meet OSHA and CDC requirements for COVID19. We also will have a day porter who will clean high touch services throughout the day.  Our classrooms, office spaces, hallways, and auditorium will also be cleaned at a minimum of every Friday evening by electrostatic fogging.


Our playground will be cleaned periodically throughout the day using electrostatic fogging.  Students will wash their hands before going out to the playground and upon returning to the building after recess. Students must bring their own school supplies (pencils, pens, paper, erasers, etc.) and will not be permitted to share them with friends. 

We will have three forms of academic programming for the 2020-2021 school year.  An online portal will be established and housed on our website that will assist families and students. 

Academic Programming

Instructional Platforms


The majority of our students will participate in our on-campus programming.  Students will attend class in our building and will participate in face to face instruction. Middle school students will remain in their grade-level classrooms for their core content classes and teachers will travel to them.


This form of instruction will take place in the online environment and will include recorded lessons by his/her teacher, independent assignments, weekly check in with classroom teachers, and weekly office hours provided by their teacher.  This academic program will be for students that are at high risk or have family members at high risk or other approved reason.  Students must be approved to participate in the blended model of instruction and must do so for a specific period of time.  Students may not go back and forth between instructional platforms haphazardly.  This format will also be for students who may be quarantined or must remain home for a longer period of time until symptom free or approved to return to school by a doctor.


This form of instruction will be put into effect for all students if we are mandated to close and continue the education of our students in the online environment.  Preschool through 5th grade will have a combination of live lessons, recorded lessons by their teacher, independent assignments, and individual meetings with teachers. Families will be provided a weekly calendar by their teacher and all instruction and materials will be housed in the teacher’s Google classroom.  Grades 6th – 12th will follow his/her typical daily schedule and will attend live (synchronous) lessons with his/her teacher and a time of independent work (during the same period) when the teacher will be available for individual help if needed.  Teachers will meet one on one with students as needed and will provide office hours weekly.  All instruction and materials will be accessible in the teacher’s Google classroom.  Additional programming will be provided for all students such as game nights, chapels, online activities, Bible studies, etc. to keep the students engaged with one another even in the online environment.

We have three nurses and an athletic trainer that staff our student health center and athletic training room.  One nurse is on duty at all time during school hours and our athletic trainer is present at home athletic events and practices.  Attendance requirements will be relaxed and flexible for the 2020-2021 school year.  It is critical that you do not send your child(ren) to school sick. 

Health Policies and Procedures



All TCA families should be alert for symptoms of illness.  Watch for fever, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, congestion and runny nose, and new loss of taste of smell.  Students, faculty, staff, and administrators should never come to school sick.


Anyone who presents to the Health Center with flu-like symptoms will be evaluated and quarantined by the school nurse.  Based on their discretion and in accordance with state, federal, and CDC guidelines, a decision will be made regarding their return to class or continued quarantine and school departure.  If a parent is called to pick up a sick child, they must come to school immediately.


Students and staff who are excluded from school either because they were sent home during the school day with flu related symptoms or failed a self or school screening are directed to discuss their symptoms with their primary care physician, follow their recommendations, and forward a doctor signed clearance note to the school nurse prior to returning to campus.  Also, to return to campus students and staff must be fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing medication, and all respiratory symptoms have improved.

Health and Testing Decision Matrix

COVID-19 Positive?

If a student or employee test positive for COVID 19 or is COVID 19 symptomatic the following steps will be followed:


The family will contact Madison Dutton at TCA at 610-872-5100 or


The student will be required to quarantine at home for a minimum of 14 days.  The student will transition to our concurrent instructional program.


The school will follow the recommendations of the Pennsylvania Department of Health and CDC.


The school will send a notifying email to the necessary class, grade or division.


Our facilities team and/or evening cleaning crew will conduct a deep clean around the student’s classroom(s) and spaces.  Classroom(s), desk, locker, etc. will be cleaned with electrostatic fogging.