We welcome our students back to campus September 8, 2020 with students and employees enjoying on-campus and in-classroom instruction.  We look forward to partnering with each of our TCA families as we continue to prepare students to be radical influences for Christ.  Also, please keep in mind that modifications may be made to this plan before or even after school begins.  For our campus to remain open, it is imperative that everyone do their part to keep The Christian Academy healthy and safe.  Thank you for your support and patience as we prepare for the start of the 2020-2021 school year.  We encourage you to check this section of our website regularly for updates.

All for Him,

Tracey Pritchard, Ed.D.
Head of School

This information is an extension of and/or clarification of our re-entry volume 1, “Steps to Success.”  We have organized our second iteration of our re-entry plan for quick reference both in content and access by placing its sections here for quick reference.

school calendar

We will maintain the 2020-2021 academic calendar and have a full campus return with health and safety medications implemented.

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TCA Re-Entry FAQ

Do you anticipate this plan changing between now and the start of school in September?

We continue to monitor the recommendations of the various health organizations.  This plan may be updated based on changing recommendations.   We will contact you if there are any significant changes that you must review.

Is there alternative forms of instructional programs that do not require a student to attend the physical classroom setting?

Yes, if a student or a member of a student’s immediate household has a medical condition that places them at “high risk” (or there is another reason to consider this option, must be approved) the school will provide an online option.  Families have already been approved for this platform of instruction.  If you didn’t apply for this option when we initially extended the option to do so or something has change for your family and you would like to be considered for our blended learning program, please send an email to


Are their restrictions on what type of mask may be worn on campus?

Masks and/or face coverings worn by adults and students on campus must cover one’s mouth and nose.  Mask/face coverings cannot have any advertising, political messaging or symbols, or writing on them of any kind.  All preschool-elementary students will be provided with a quick release lanyard that will hook to their mask to minimum loss and to keep the mask off the floor/ground.  We encourage 6-12 grade students to use a lanyard as well.  If a student forgets his/her mask there will be disposal ones in the school that can be purchased for $1.00. 

What about chapels, assemblies, etc.?

We have a 600+ seat auditorium and will be able to hold assemblies and chapels with appropriate social distancing.

Will there be athletics in the fall?

Yes, as of now PIAA has approved athletic practices and competitions in the fall with health and safety restrictions.  At this time, no fans are allowed at any athletic competitions.  TCA is exploring the possibility of streaming a few games for parents and families to watch from home.


Will we have art, music, and drama activities this year?

Yes, our students will participate in art, music, and drama activities this year with safety restrictions and social distancing in place. Performances may be a blend of in-person and online participation for families and guest, if necessary.