TCA Stories

Cameron Jones

“"Being at TCA for my entire high school career is one experience that i wouldn't trade for anything”

What do you love about TCA?
I love that the school is so small, it’s more efficient when getting one-on-one help from teachers. The class size allows you to build a close relationship with everybody that it’s more like having an at-school family.
Describe your favorite class and how it has shaped you as a person?
I don’t necessarily have a favorite class, although I do love them all. Each class has helped me look at things from a different perspective while challenging me and helping me be more open to learning from a different angle.
In what ways have you grown in your faith as a result of your experience at TCA?
TCA has helped me grow in so many ways, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. These past four years have been a rollercoaster, from balancing my personal life and school work to working all at once. Often times I would want to give up but I wouldn’t because I refuse to miss out on an opportunity just because things got harder. Being at this school has allowed me to appreciate the blessings and opportunities God has brought into my life as well as opening my eyes to be more patient and understanding with his plans for me. And I’ve grown to be more accepting.
How do you feel that TCA is preparing you for graduation, college, and life? What are your plans after you graduate?
Being at TCA for my entire high school career is one experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. This school , more importantly the teachers, have prepared me for pretty much everything that college will throw at me.