TCA Stories


“I love the community we have at TCA. We all care for each other...and know how to have fun while honoring God together at the same time.”

Donato, Grade 9

What Do you love about tCA?

I love the community we have at TCA. The entire school is so together and you never see any fights or anything like that. We all care for each other and know how to have fun while honoring God together at the same time.

Describe one of your favorite teachers and tell why he/she is your favorite:

My favorite teacher was Mrs. Nealon. She was the best because she was really funny and made each class interesting. She helped me appreciate history and changed my attitude towards that 8th period class; she was very encouraging.

In what ways have you grown in your faith as a result of your experience at TCA?

I am really starting to understand my faith a whole lot more and feel as though I have a better foundation in that area of my life. Before then, I was really unsure who exactly God was or if I was truly saved or a Christian. But now I have many verses I’ve memorized  that put me at ease if and when thoughts like that come about.

How do you feel that TCA is preparing you for graduation, college, and life? What are your plans after you graduate?

I think TCA does a great job with preparing me for my next steps. I plan on going to college and majoring in Broadcast Journalism. With TCA adding CRU this year, it will definitely give me the needed time and experience on camera to prepare me for what I want to do next.