TCA Stories

Katelin Mikuta

“"Everything we did was centered around Christ and in strengthening our relationship with Him.”

What is your fondest TCA memory?
All of the memories I made playing sports and going on sports trips. My senior year we took a basketball trip to Pittsburgh and we had a great time, even though we slept on a church floor and it was freezing!
What do you love about TCA?
Going to TCA was a life changing experience for me. It helped me to grow and solidify my faith in the Lord which has guided me in my adult life. All of my teachers genuinely cared for me and supported me throughout my school years and beyond. I was able to play sports year round which helped me form great friendships with other students in all grades. And of course, I met my husband!
Describe one of your favorite teachers you had in your time at TCA and tell why he/she is your favorite:
I loved so many of my teachers at TCA and they all had such a big impact on my life. If I HAVE to pick one, I would say Mr.D. He was a great teacher and coach who taught me a lot and shaped who I am today. He never let me give up and always pushed me to be the best I could be in school and in basketball.
Did attending TCA help you grow in your faith? If so, how?
Absolutely. I was a Christian before attending TCA, but TCA helped me to look at everything through a Christian perspective. Everything we did was centered around Christ and in strengthening our relationship with Him. My teachers and coaches always guided us towards Christ and in doing everything for His glory.
How do you feel that TCA prepared you for graduation, college, and life after school? What are you up to now?
TCA gave me great preparation for college. My college professors were always impressed with my papers. All those English papers Mrs. Boatwright made us do, paid off! TCA prepared me for life not only academically, but spiritually. Getting a Christian education and I graduated from Penn State with a Business Degree in 2012 and I currently work from home for Bayada Home Health Care and I am a full time stay at home mom to my four children!
Please feel free to pass along anything else about your TCA story that you would love to make known.
TCA is an amazing school filled with teachers who truly love and care about their students and guiding them towards a life founded in Christ. TCA was such a blessing to my life and I will forever be grateful that my parents chose to send me there for my middle and high school education.