TCA Stories

Katie Dennstaedt

“"TCA truly has been like a second home for me and my entire family.”

What is your fondest TCA memory?
It’s impossible to pick one.
– Attending high school retreats…and later getting to speak at one with my husband
– Attending Jr/Sr banquets…and later getting to help plan them and decorate the gym for hosting them
– Playing field hockey for TCA…and later being able to help get the girls soccer program going
– Feeling excitement at my own graduation…and later feeling such pride at the subsequent graduations of each of my siblings
– Being a student in my Dad’s classes…and later coming in to sub for my Dad when he took personal days
– Enjoying multiple winning sports seasons as a student athlete…and later getting to coach a Crusader team to a district championship
What do you love about TCA?
TCA truly has been like a second home for me and my entire family. Sometimes we laughed at the idea that we should have just set up tents and slept there because we probably spent 80% of our waking hours in that place for many years. From my teen years as a student/athlete through my adult years as a coach/teacher/volunteer, TCA was a place I loved to be. It was a place (more accurately, it was a community of people) that gave me amazing experiences, opportunities for growth, and a whole lot of love and grace along the way.
Describe one of your favorite teachers you had in your time at TCA and tell why he/she is your favorite:
Well, since it’s not fair to have to choose between my husband and my Dad (and many other wonderful teachers I’ve had at TCA), I’m going to go with a non-teacher. Jonathan Ekeland was (and still is) a genuine encourager and a faithful prayer warrior for me and my family. Love that guy!
Did attending TCA help you grow in your faith? If so, how?
The TCA curriculum provided valuable knowledge about God and his Word, but much more importantly than the academic understanding, the community of people at TCA has shown me the love of God in tangible and powerful ways throughout the years. God has used his people – in the form of the community at TCA – to strengthen my faith by showing himself to be a God who continues to pursue me even in the darkest, most desperate places.
I have never felt the kindness of God more tangibly than in moments when our friends from TCA refused to leave us alone in our times of need. From a total loss house fire to seasons of serious illness, our family has truly been surrounded and supported by our brothers and sisters from this very special school that we called our second home for many years. To those who loved us so much that you were not afraid to get your hands dirty, I am forever grateful. I praise God because of you!
How do you feel that TCA prepared you for graduation, college, and life after school? What are you up to now?
The curricular program at TCA was thorough and challenging. I felt well-equipped for college and found that I was significantly better prepared for higher level thinking and writing than many of my classmates in college.
In my “life after school” I continue draw on knowledge and skills I gained at TCA. I have taught and coached at the high school level, worked as a content writer in the marketing field, and been part of a launch team to start a new school! Currently, my days are filled with loving, teaching, and playing with my own kids!
Please feel free to pass along anything else about your TCA story that you would love to make known.
I can’t share my TCA story without mentioning that it was TCA that gave me Brian Dennstaedt- the man that I am so grateful to call my husband for going on 12 years now.