TCA Stories

Nate Dunn

“"TCA's rigor and level of expectations helped me excel in college and know how to have meaningful conversations with people in life after school”

What is your fondest TCA memory?
What an incredibly hard question! There are so many. So many. Perhaps this is a cop-out, but my fondest memory is my senior year. The love of Christ was unifying us in beautiful and powerful ways. God blessed my friendships and my walk with Him through my wonderful friends and the staff/teachers at TCA. I delighted in my classes and in my extracurriculars, and loved sitting under so many mentors. The year came with its trials, but God proved Himself faithful again and again.
What do you love about TCA?
The ability to have deep, meaningful relationships with the staff and faculty. I learned so much from people like Mr. Pope in how to have a heart of service or from people like Mr. Walton who taught me how to think through my beliefs with clarity and humility.
Describe one of your favorite teachers you had in your time at TCA and tell why he/she is your favorite:
I had a lot of teachers that I loved a lot, but Nate Jackson was one of the most influential teachers I had in my life. He significantly shaped who I wanted to be as a teacher. He showed us how to love the Lord and people with passion, and to go after everything in life with drive.
Did attending TCA help you grow in your faith? If so, how?
Absolutely. Not only did I have incredible Bible teachers all of my years at TCA, but all of my teachers challenged us as Christians to pursue God. My faith was sharpened and refined, and the rigor of my Bible teachers forced me to go deeper than I would have on my own.
How do you feel that TCA prepared you for graduation, college, and life after school? What are you up to now?
It was a combination of TCA and my parents that helped me be so prepared, but TCA’s rigor and level of expectations helped me excel in college and know how to have meaningful conversations with people in life after school. I am the kind of teacher I am today because of the teachers I had at TCA.
Please feel free to pass along anything else about your TCA story that you would love to make known.
I have many sweet memories about TCA, even though there were many ups and downs during my time there. God did a lot to grow, challenge, stretch and encourage me at TCA, and it was done mostly through my classmates and teachers. My prayer for anyone at TCA is that the Lord works mightily in them, and that He continues to use it as a place to change sinners’ hearts and to create ambassadors for His Kingdom.
March Open HousesMarch 12 & 16

We are offering two opportunities to come and see what TCA is all about during the month of March.  On Friday, March 12th from 9-12 AM, we will be running our next First Look Friday.  This is a great opportunity to see firsthand what TCA has to offer by touring our facilities with a student ambassador, meeting our staff, and receiving some TCA swag!!  Then on Tuesday, March 16th from 5 to 7 PM, we will be having a Pre-School Open House.  You can come in for an hour and meet our teachers, see our classrooms and learn about what our Pre-School program has to offer.  

Registration is required and space is limited.