TCA Stories

Sarah Gerlach

“My Husband and I love that she is supported not only by us at home, but teachers at TCA pour into her as well. We are so grateful.”

What do you love about TCA?

I am thrilled with way my daughter is nurtured at TCA through excellent academic learning as well as her spiritual life. My husband and I love that she is supported not only by us at home, but teachers at TCA pour into her as well. We are so grateful.

In what ways have you seen your children grow in their faith as a result of their experience at The Christian Academy?

I will be specific. My daughter was having a hard time going to sleep because she was rehashing her days when she she was trying to shut down for sleep. She said that she couldn’t help but think of all of the mistakes that she has made throughout her day. I asked her, what kind of happy things could she think of to help her relax. She said, “Mom, you know what Mrs. Lindemuth, told me to do, she told me if I was having bad thoughts, to think of a Bible verse and that would help me get my mind off of things.” We were floored. We were so grateful that someone was encouraging her to have faith and giving her a tangible idea that she could try. At TCA my daughter is surrounded by people whose fundamental beliefs in the Gospel match my family and our moral code. We couldn’t ask for anything more.

Does having a student at TCA change your family? How so?

Yes. I work at TCA as well, so our pool in life is fairly small. It is very important to me that my daughter is treated fairly, loved and looked upon as an individual and not necessarily linked to me. The teacher’s at TCA treat her with incredible love and understanding and allow her to be herself and maintain a relationship with her and me.

How does TCA prepare your student for their future?

My daughter’s reading level is vast and I owe that to the encouragement to read from TCA. Iris’s ability to read will help her in everything that she will do.

What would you tell another parent to encourage them if they were considering enrolling their child at The Christian Academy?

I would ask them to think about their child on not just the academic level, but tell them to consider TCA because of the nurturing piece that TCA provides by its faculty and staff. I would tell them that there is no question that my child is loved at school and that she is recognized and nurtured as an individual because of small class sizes and the teacher’s capabilities.