TCA Stories

Scott Mikuta

“"Between the people I met and the faith I received, my life would have been completely different without the influence from TCA.”

What is your fondest TCA memory?
The friendships. I built life long friendships at TCA that still impact my life everyday. Also playing sports. TCA had such a great sports program especially considering their small class size. This really shows the level of commitment they instilled in their students. Also got to meet my wife there!!!
What do you love about TCA?
TCA always felt like home. There was a culture at TCA where you always felt welcome and if there was ever a problem you were having there was always an open door or someone willing to listen. The relationship between teachers and students was always open and positive.
Describe one of your favorite teachers you had in your time at TCA and tell why he/she is your favorite:
Mr. Skaer was actually my middle school dean but had a huge impact on my life. I transferred to TCA in middle school and Mr. Skaer was always there for me when I needed him. He also never gave up on me and molded me at a key time in my life.
Did attending TCA help you grow in your faith? If so, how?
100%!! I had little to no faith when I began at TCA. During my years there my faith grew and matured. I now thank God everyday for allowing me to go to TCA and I am happy to pass that faith along to my children.
How do you feel that TCA prepared you for graduation, college, and life after school? What are you up to now?
TCA has a very high standard for education. I had many friends who attended both public and catholic schools and I felt leaving high school that I had a leg up on them because of TCA’s higher education. I now am a small business owner and also am a manager at a local company.
Please feel free to pass along anything else about your TCA story that you would love to make known.
TCA honestly changed my life. Between the people I met and the faith I received, my life would have been completely different without the influence from TCA. I met my wife while at TCA and could never imagine my life without her and my children and I will always be eternally grateful to TCA for that.
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